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Lunar New Year Rituals To Start The Year 2022 On A New Foot

Lunar New Year Rituals To Start The Year On A New Foot

When the year is about to end, many people start reflecting on the things they did in the course of the year. The end of the year is the time when we also start making plans regarding what we would like to achieve in the coming year. As such, we all want to start the New Year on the right foot. A good beginning fills us with positive energy, hope, and many other new opportunities. It is for this reason that practitioners of the occult and those who believe in spirituality utilize the lunar New Year rituals to fix a new start for the New Year.

What are some of the lunar New Year years that anyone can practice?

These rituals vary from one culture to another. Since some of them can be deeply ingrained in the cultural tenets of a given society, people do them as a matter of habit. I have known cultures in which people take a bite of a grape at every chime of the midnight bell. As a person does that, he or she makes a New Year’s wish. For those who seek abundance in the coming lunar New Year, you can make good use of lentils. They say lentils possess magical attraction powers to bring wealth and abundance. As such, practitioners of magic recommend that you eat them on the lunar New Year’s eve. It will make the coming year a very prosperous one for you.

Your choice of clothes also matters a lot

Did you know that what you choose to wear on New Year’s Eve is likely to influence your wishes for the coming year? On the evening of a New Year, get a shirt, pair of trousers or dress and wear it inside out. For a shirt, you can wear it front to back. Do so throughout the night and when the New Year’s bells chime, you can wear it the correct way. Colors also play a very important role:
• White – to attract peace and calm in the New Year.
• Green – represents harmony and hope.
• Blue – represents maturity and privacy.
• Yellow – to attract prosperity and optimism. You can also use gold to attract fortune, money and wealth.
• Orange – happiness, and joy.
• Red – to attract love, a partner in marriage, etc.
• Black – to attract nobility and power.

However, you can also cast a spell to clear your paths of obstacles in the coming year

Usually, we fail to do many things because of the influence of evil spirits, negative energies, and demons. When these entities nest in a person’s life, he or she can experience failure in many areas: business, work-life, academics, family, and love life. A black magic lunar New Year spell will help you get rid of all spiritual obstacles so that you can succeed in the New Year.

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