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Are Spell Casters Scammers?

Are Spell Casters Scammers?…

…This is the question that a lot of people have been asking me lately. So are they? This is a question that is not exactly hard to answer and I’ll be giving you my sincere Opinion later in the writing herein.

Just like everything else, there are always going to be some people with bad intent venturing in. Whether it is religion or just a petty food or sweet business there will always be some crooks slipping in with their evil agendas. With Spell casting, it is not easy to tell which service provider is a crook or not–It is just like in religion-Look at the number of pastors and churches that people talk about as being just a money making organisation or even say they are just the devil’s church and so forth and yet it is not easy for one to tell exactly how true this can be because these are spiritual things and most people really don’t understand most things that are spirituals and it is the same reason why we have atheists. Atheists do not believe in the existence of God just because the fall short of understanding his existence or/ and his working.

In a similar way, it is not easy for people to understand how spell casters work. Some spell casters are real but they do not possess enough powers to execute what they claim that they can in the record time that they promise and so when you pay for the service, they cast the spells and after some period of time, you won’t see it working through and what next? You begin asking for your money back and remember, they may still be working on it and may even yet be consulting their spiritual powers or even transferring the job to another stronger spell caster but because of the anger (negative) energy that you are sending, the spells fails. In a circumstance like this one, it is imperative that the clients gives the spell caster the time to explain themselves and what they are really doing.

In some cases, the spell casters after getting money from you, they just cut out communications with you and in this case, it’s clear that he/ she has scammed you. At this juncture, I would like to believe that there are some spell casters out there who are scammers and it’s therefore important that you stick to spell casters who have a better reputation. Share your questions using the form below.


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