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Benny Hinn is a well-known evangelist who has been preaching the Gospel for a very long time as we all know it. However, word’s been in the air that he is a fake voodoo healer or voodoo priest!

Who is a voodoo priest? From my perspective as a voodoo healer in South Africa, a voodoo priest or voodoo healer must have certain values and must practice voodoo regardless of whether it is African voodoo or not—voodoo is essentially the same with just minor differences in the way it is practiced by the different cultures.

A voodoo priest or voodoo healer must have healing powers-powers to heal sick people! This power must be derived from the voodoo deity and must always be ‘ready’ when called upon by chants, rituals, burning incenses, or any other intermediary communications with the deity.

A voodoo priest or a voodoo healer must also practice voodoo usually on a daily basis but at least once every full moon won’t hurt the practice. I as a voodoo healer, I usually practice voodoo on a daily basis as I usually have clients to assist—a hectic schedule patched with 10 to 15 minutes of writing articles like this one with the aim of educating the missing masses on the benefits of voodoo.

Now, back to Benny Hinn. He is an evangelist, a catholic evangelist and to say he is a voodoo priest comes as a shock to many but to me it’s a possibility with a very high likeliness because voodoo can be practiced along with other religious practices however, also it’s important to know that deities conflict at the spiritual level. So what does this mean? This basically mean a compromise and as we know, deities do not like compromises and if you the voodoo priest insist to have these compromises then expect a compromise in your performance in helping to cure people and chant good luck and success for them.

The main issue then is that, telling that Benny Hinn is a voodoo priest in the first instant is not as obvious as many people may think. It requires a eye for voodoo practices. You will have to carefully observe his actions that involves the chants, signs and so forth when he is healing a person. Personally, I haven’t studied benny Hinn in such detail so, I will only be able to write a confirmatory post on him later during the course of the week.

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