Love Spells That Really Work


There are so many frauds out there misleading you towards false hopes and in retur nextracting huge amounts of money from you. But we really have authentic love spells which have worked for people uniting them and leading to a happily ever after. Some of the love spells that would be of interest to you are:

Knot magic spell

Do this onFriday. You will need a red or green candle and a silk cloth either red or green. Then sit down to meditate and visualize your desires. Tie a knot in the string while we say the words. Then burn the string with sandalwood powder. It will take about six days to complete.

Harmony in relationship

To achieve peace in a relationship try this spell. Take two beans, whisper your name and your partners name to it and then bury it in the ground. Treat them daily with love and care. Intertwine their vines, take care of them and imagine how youwant your relationship to be while you do this. Think of your partner, yourlove and the kind way you would treat them with.

Candles and Roses

This is a very easy and simple spell. Start this on a Friday with a picture of you and the one you love. Light up a white and red candle. Pray to the love gods and then put the blood red rose on the altar. Make a wish and then stick the photos together with candle wax, then place it under the candle and meditate. After this bury the photos, candle and rose under a nice healthy tree.

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