Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Prince Harry – Not every Tom, Dick and Harry is Prince Harry. Not so long ago he was in vegas partying naked with Friends and now he’s in Afghanistan trying to chopper down the Taliban insurgents – that’s gat to take guts!

Who is Prince Harry? He’s captain Wales as usually called,  he hails from the Royal Family of the British throne. Prince Harry is third in line to inherit the throne.
He’s been deployed for the second time already in Afghanistan in the war against terror.
His second and current deployment has however, drawn bold threats from the Taliban insurgents who have vowed to kill him. The British Government has responded to the threats in a very clear sense, echoing that they take the safety of all their troops very seriously.
The deployment and the threats come at a very technical time. One may question why Prince Harry was deployed immediately after the leaks of the naked pics? and also why the deployment came around the 9/11 period?! Some people have wondered whether it’s a plot by the royal family to get rid of him especially for his un-royal lifestyle-A lifestyle filled with endless and brainless parties. Her Mother way back got killed in a car accident and a lot of speculations too pointed to the Royal family.
These are just speculations and no one is quite sure of the real reason behind his second deployment. The deployment is definitely a risky one and puts his life at the peak of risk looking at his position and popularity. He’s obviously a target for terrorist attacks.
Recent attacks in Afghanistan on the airbase where Prince Harry is staged however, left a number of  NATO troops dead. Prince Harry was reported as being secure or protected. It’s like he’s granted some sort of special Protection Spells from the Harry Porter World!
The English are known for Spells and fairies-you probably have watched on Television and that’s basically the truth. Spells are real and they work in a way that one won’t believe. I talk about this with authority because I have casted spells for over 10 years and sure it’s helped a lot of people and I too.
For spells such as PROTECTION SPELLS, MONEY SPELLS and WITCHCRPrinceT SPELLS, I’ll serve you with no hesitation. As I always say, that the universe likes speed and so should you. Contact me either through email or through the phone here. From the Prince with Protection Spells and LOVE.

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