Revenge Spells

This art of magic originated from Africa with the belief that enacting the desire will actually produce it. The major requirement to practice this kind of magic is a human doll. That human doll must contain something of the person on whom the spell has to be casted on like hair, clothes etc. The doll can now be used to control the real human. Some voodoo types are:

Loves pells

This voodoo love spells requires a rose flower. You just have to write the name of the person to be charmed on all the petals. Then dip all the petals in the rosewater and then throw out these petals outside the house of that person.

Pombra Gira

This is a reversible spell and has immediate effects. To cast this spell you need to have offerings like chocolate or wine near a lit candle, then while meditating imagine that person you could take their name too.

Fall in love

For this type, you require a red and pink candle, and on a piece of paper write the name of the person, then tie it up and drop the wax form both candles on the paper. After that meditate and imagine that person falling in love with you. When you realize that your wish has come true, discard the candles. This spell gives quick results.

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