Traditional psychic healing is the way to go in many African, European and American Societies as well. Asian societies practised and still are practising traditional psychic healing. In African cultures, there are at times a blurred line between traditional healing and African religious healing. This is what makes the African religions and beliefs unique in the way they are practised. Here in South Africa, we have the Nazareth religion that integrates the precious African beliefs and the preachings of Christ Jesus. African healings have been practised for thousands of generations and they have stood the test of time.

Personally, am now 10 years strong practising African traditional psychic and voodoo healing and all these years, I have learnt and taught a lot in this field. They say reality is just an illusion and to a great extent, it may be. According to me though, the reality is real and it exists and even psychic media of curing illnesses is an existing media.

In South Africa, native healers (Zangoma) in most cases must attain a diploma for them to practice. It’s quite controversial that native healing should be studied but I completely agree with the fact that knowledge can be passed on from one person to another from the classroom. I, however, did not study my healing at a formal school. I inherited my healing abilities from my grandfather and somehow I have appreciated it and I think I will never trade it for anything else. Native healing is performed in accordance with different procedures specific to what the problem is. In some cases, they involve casting of spells. Spells are an integral part of healing in African traditional practices.

Healings at times take on a more herbal sense. For example, a healing for nose bleeding does not involve the casting of any spells but just oil and herb–This healing, in particular, is so effective that it’s unbelievable. I benefitted from it from my grandfather. Nose bleeding would worry not only me but my father to death. He at one point thought I’d bleed to death in his absence so he signed up with a clinic and instructed that in case of an emergency, I should be treated and he’ll clear up the cost. This western treatment could only stop the nose bleeding but would never stop it and it is until I got treatment from my grandfather that the nose bleeding was cured. From the time he treated me, I never ever bled again from the nose and since then, I have appreciated African healing and I have so far put an end to nose bleeding problems in 5 children and am glad that I did that. Am here telling you now that, if you are quietly suffering from diseases that have taken forever for doctors to cure, then write to me now and let me get you help.

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