There so many spell casters you can find there in Kuwait but not all of them are casting really powerful spells. The real spell caster should be the spell caster that will satisfy human needs. One of those needs is problem solving. There are different types of problems that may be solved by the spell caster. But the most important thing is that the spell caster should cast real spells that will help people. All these problems that needs spells to solve are very sensitive and hard to solve problems. As a spell caster you should understand that when someone comes for the spell then that person is in real problem.

Now how can you take advantage of someone that is suffering? That means that you do not care about them but you only care about you benefiting. There are many ways that people take advantage of others. If you call yourself a spell caster and someone comes for the spell and you know exactly that you cannot help him or her, do not give him or her something that will not help him or her whereas you took his or her money. And if they come and they tell you that your spell did not work you start putting the blame on the. You say they did not cast the spell as you said. That is not fair.

The problem with such people is that they were not given the authority to cast people spells. What do I mean about that? Before anyone can be the real spell caster they need training like anywhere else. Where do we get our training? We get it from our ancestors. These are the people that were spell casters and they then taught us how to cast the spell. We inherited this from the. Then when we cast spells we call them we beg for their power and if it were like that for all of us not even a single spell caster would be a scammer.

The other problem is that some people that are spell casters cannot do anything else except for spell casting. If you do some thing like this you should be able to do other things like traditional healing and psychic reading. With psychic reading you get to know the real problem of the client and you will be able to cast the suitable spell. You can even do personal casting. Please lets not cast fake spells. We are slowly destroying our culture don’t we see that? This is coming from the best spell caster Prince Sajjib.


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