Simple love spells to make your lover think about you non-stop

Simple love spells to make your lover think about you are spells that are cast using black magic that breaks in the mind of your secret lover or your lover. These spells are always requested for people with a lost love or those in long-distance relationships to ensure their presence in their lover’s body and mind. For instance, some ladies or men want to enchant whoever comes across them. Some need it even if they are not going to fall in love with those people but mostly they need it for attention and ego. And well you will get it if you want it you just need to make contact right now.

Simple love spells to make your lover think about you by being more magnetic

By being more magnetic this simple love spell makes you the center of attraction for everyone to the extent that most people start to idolize you. however not only do you have to cast the spell but also you need to dress smartly and as well look good. You don’t need to be beautiful or handsome to become the center of attraction so long as you cast this effective attraction love spell you will attract them immediately. There are no negative effects of this spell and therefore you don’t have to fear to cast it lasts for as long as you wish.

How to cast simple love spells to make your lover think about you

Get 4 red candles and make a circle using them with which you get a basin and put it in the middle. Get your partner’s innerwear and wash it within that circle after use that water to clean your private parts, head, and feet while you are concentrating him or her then after use the same water to blow off the candles one by one. He or she will start to think about you all the time like nobody’s business. And your feelings will be irresistible. If it doesn’t work for you, you can contact me immediately for step-by-step guidelines.

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