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…I personally had my early years practicing the catholic faith as a child in a catholic school. Catholicism is the only religion I had known when I was a child and lo, I loved it as hell. The hymns drove me crazy and sure I can admit that the main reason I liked the catholic church was for the sweet hymns!

As time went on I found it within myself that the catholic faith is connected to a much bigger and subtle philosophy than just enjoying the sweet hymns that I did as a child. I started studying the faith a little bit more and was struck by so many intriguing events and holidays in the catholic church…I was overwhelmed! One of the most striking was the order and meanings of the ‘ALL SAINTS DAY‘ that falls on 01 November of every year and the ‘ALL HALLOWS EVE‘! The All Saints Day in many cases is celebrated on the first sunday of November and not necessarily the 1st November.

Without a doubt, one can draw a conclusion that All Saints Day inspired Halloween. Halloween celebrations on the other hand is pretty parallel to All Saints Day celebrations. During Halloween as we all know, there are evil fairy dresses won on, there’s pumpkin curving, horror movies are watched and so many other scary evil things are done during Halloween. Whilst on All Saints Day as I recall, it was prayers for the saints and for those that have just departed. The prayers on All Saints Day are also offered to the dead that are in Purgatory and still on their way to heaven.

Part of the prayers on All Saints Day also extent into the night where, one writes the name of the dead on a piece of paper and gather around a fire in the dark and throw in the pieces of paper to burn in there!

The dictionary tells us that ‘Hallows’ refers to honouring something as holy. Halloween is therefore a day for honouring All Saints Day. The only problem with this is that the acts on Halloween are not holy in line with that of the perceived All Saints Day–At this stage, I leave it up to you to decide what extent holy goes.

Come 31 October, enjoy Halloween and do not forget the HALLOWEEN SPELLSĀ from voodoo healer. Write to me about it using the form below.

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