Yes, we encourage people to get love spells cast for them because they re real and helpful. But we should not forget that they have got effects. Which means that when someone is casting the spell they should know what might happen in return. Let’s take a look at love spells. There is a break-up love spell that is powerful and if the relationship is broken there are fewer chances that it can be rebuilt. So you can lose your lover forever by casting this spell. Cast it with awareness.

And again there is a love spell to banish the past lover. For this spell, I believe that most people use it when they are in a new relationship. But the fact is you may be overwhelmed by new love while you are still in love with your past lover. So before you cast this spell; I should let you know that there are high chances that your feelings will be banished too. Looking at the divorce spell it’s the same thing. Marriage is hardly got so before you escape from it using the spell you should make up your mind and make sure that you are done with your husband/wife.

There are other spells that you should not cast without real decisions like attraction love spell and the binding love spell. What if you bind yourself with someone you don’t love because the binding love spell is forever?


For money spells it’s not that much effective but the problem is that you should not cast money spells even if you can see that you will not get help. How can you cast the job spell for the job you are not qualified for? How can you cast the salary raise spell while you are earning good money or else you are jobless? How can you cast the business spell while you are not yet in the business industry? You cannot cast the loan money spell while you have not applied for a single loan. It’s like casting the debt collector spell while you know that no one owes you. How can you ask for the inheritance money spell while you are the youngest? Let’s not try spells by the impossible.


For protection, it’s tough especially for the return spell, because you may be returning a curse or a misfortune to your family member. You will now be eaten by conscience. Do not cast the physical protection spell for protecting yourself while you are busy hurting others. Spells are not for disorganized people; you must make up your mind and be clean for you to cast the spell. Remember this is inherited from our fellow ancestors.


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