South Africa is a country of spellcasters, traditional healers, and psychic readers. This simply means that this is a country for culture and tradition. This is a country where old ways of doing things still matter a lot. People are still there casting spells, healing themselves traditionally but there has been a very bad influence from the new western culture. This lead to some people running away from their real culture and they joined new western cultures. Now what we knew is that the spellcasters and traditional healers really believed in ancestors and what they are doing now is because they believed in their ancestors and old traditional ways of doing things.

Now it did not end there, now they are busily abandoning them for good. We used to celebrate our ancestors using traditional rituals. Animals like goats and cows were used for that. But now they are busy complaining telling us that this is illegal. They are forbidding the killing of these animals. Now they are calling the ancestors demons. Can you tell me the reason behind changing and chasing away your parents, your grandparents just because they are now dead? Does this mean when someone dies turns into being the demon? That is what these new youngsters are saying. If the spellcasters were to tell you what the ancestors are doing for them, you wouldn’t believe. The truth is when someone dies it’s because God has chosen him/her to die. So, does that mean that a person will be against God?

People are claiming that you cannot believe in god and ancestors at the same time. Now, what about all these millions of people out there that believes in ancestors? Does that mean they are without god? Does that mean God has abandoned them? Not at all because when you look back at our ancient times, these western cultures were not all over which means that people believed in their ancestors. This should mean that God did not exist at that time. This is not true. They are busy telling us that you can only get healed or help by using the hospital medicines or praying because traditional herbs do not work. Then I ask myself that where do these traditional herbs come from? They are made using natural plants and animals. Now, what about hospital medicines, aren’t they made using natural plants and animals?

People should come into their senses and sense what is real and what is not. I urge spell casters out there and traditional healers, sangomas never to give up, there is still a way that we can help our people realize that tradition and culture are powerful.


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