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african voodoo dolls

Have The Power In your Hands With My African Voodoo Dolls

In my recent posts, I did talk about voodoo doll spells. Today, I would like to expound on the subject. Voodoo dolls are used as a meditation tool and technique to attract positive or negative energy, depending on the use. They are also used to retrieve or win back a lover, improve your financial situation and resolve conflicts. You can also use it to ward off two people, cause divisions, diseases and all sorts of havoc. A voodoo doll is a very dangerous weapon. It allows you to wield power over your adversaries on the remote. Learn how to make voodoo dolls and how to take revenge on fellow human beings now. Contact me now so that you can reign over this new field of knowledge. Do not ever buy one because the most powerful dolls are those that are made with our own hands.

Voodoo dolls can be made of wax, corn husks or other accessible material. They are filled and decorated with objects or articles related to its purposes, such as herbs, hair, pieces of cloth and thread elements.

African voodoo dolls usually measure only a few inches tall but can be manufactured in any size. They are made to be transported or kept with you at all times. Terrible curses can be put on them and they can be buried or entombed.

The doll can be purchased or manufactured and something that belongs to the person you wish to bewitch is placed inside. The doll imbues some detail that is characteristic of personality or physique that he represents, for example, a mole, scar, hair colour, one eyebrow raised more to denote their insight, etc. These details are of free choice but should be taken into account, in order to achieve the best possible physical representation of the person you wish to symbolize magically and thus be able to transfer power to the doll. Do you want to make a voodoo doll or use one? Contact me now.

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