It is very complicated to give a real explanation of love. But I believe that real love does not change due to different circumstances. Even if it doesn’t but does that mean that we should love people even though they do not love us back. Not at all, if you are in a relationship you need to be in love with each other and you show and share the feeling of real love between the two of you. Breaking up with someone doesn’t always mean that there are no longer feelings between the two of you but it means that you are not in the state to express those feelings for each other. But sometimes a break up can take place simply because you never had a love for each other but you were using each other for enjoyment purposes.

Ok, even if you were in a relationship truly or you were just playing with each other, but the break-up period can arrive anytime. When the break up arrives it may be of different reasons. It may be because of violence, cheating, unfaithfulness and many other causes. Then after that break-up, there are four possible situations that you might find yourselves in or that might take place. Firstly, it might happen that one of you wants the two of you to go back to each other again. It can be the one who caused the break-up or the one who is the victim. Or both of you still have that feeling and you think that you should go back to each other. But sometimes it happens that you both don’t want anything to do without each other and you go separate ways. But this is where I am.

When one of you wants you to go back to each while the other has already moved on with his/her life. This is where the situation gets tough especially if the break-up victim is the moved partner. Thinking of the things you did while you were still in the relationship and the way they fell in their new relationship will complicate the whole reconciliation thing. If you were the victim in your break up and you have found someone new and is giving you what you deserve, then don’t let your past lover destroy your relationship. Don’t let him/her take away your happiness again.

This is the spell to help you. The love spell to banish the past lover has banished many lovers and gave people a chance to move on. The power of this spell can fade all the feelings you had and can banish away your past lover immediately and peacefully. If you are in this situation, then cast this spell.


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