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Revenge Spells

Fed up of those nasty relatives being all mean and harsh to you or do you want to punish that person who insulted you publicly? Or is there someone being the reason for your decreased sales? They say revenge makes the world go blind but trust me it really does not. Satisfaction is what you feel after revenge. Some of the types are as mentioned below:

Revenge spell

For harming someone you hate, you would need a black human figure candle, a hammer, dried blackberry leaves, a piece of black cloth. Starting on Saturday, name the human-figured candle then wrap it up with blackberry leaves and then wrap it up in a black cloth tied with a black thread. Then in a furious tone tell the candle personified as a person what you want to do to them and then hit it with the hammer three times. Do this for seven days. Then bury this in a cemetery and don not look back. You will soon see the effects.

Reflecta nd revenge

For this you will need a mirror, a black marker, along piece of black ribbon, bay leaf and burnt wood ash. Carry this out on a Saturday night or during a full moon. Write the person’s name on the face of the mirror with black marker, and then wrap it with the bay leaf and the black ribbon with a knot and then say negative words. Keep this charm under your bed till it works and then you may discard everything

Dark moon

You will need a black candle for this, a sharp object and an onyx or jet. Carve the name of the person to be enchanted on the candle and then light it up. Visualize all bad that person has done to you while watching the flame burn, as the candle melts and reaches the name, drip the wax on the stove and then place it back again. Carve the person’s name again on the wax on the stone. Imagine the pain they caused to you happening with them until the candle burns completely. Place the stone in a secret place while you wait for the spell to work. After the spell has worked burn the stone to end the spell.

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