Incumbent and the contestant for the second term in office, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama loves his beers and jokes. He’s always joked about almost everything from Kenya, Hawaii thru Chicago to Washington and over. Lately, on his campaign trail, he made an unannounced stop at one of the bars for a beer and of course to show his support for his highly acclaimed ‘small businesses must grow’ keynote line. He basically stopped there to check out a kid who was born in Hawaii and also share a beer–A place where he asked the kid whether he has a birth certificate!

The question drew applause from the persons present at the small party and it definitely served a blow to the birther fundamentalist. A subtle joke that puts the birthers in an awkward position. Birther fundamentalism is mostly viewed by many as an extremist faction championed by poorly educated or racist red-necks basing on the analysis that America has taken on a progressivist approach to race relations for the past few decades till now.

A recent comment by the famous Hollywood star from Texas, Chuck Norris drew mixed reactions from a lot of Americans–He sounded so birther-like and for that according to comments, he lost respect from some fans.

America is built on racial-pluralism-No single race made America what it is today, and most liberalists contend with this fact and are usually more open to embracing new changes that relate to race and immigration. The birthers on the other end are more like White apartheid South Africa.  White Apartheid South Africa and its subsequent generations still hold onto the obsolete and selfish minded belief that white skin means superiority and this is the unwritten fundamentals of the birthers–They cannot take it that a black man rose to run the highest office in the World. This adamancy is the bitter curse that got them ranting all over the place. A curse that education would have cured if it could. extremist fundamentalism is bitterness towards others based on a belief that can not even be explained scientifically. It’s the best explanation can only be derived from metaphysics (abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality). The reality, in this case, excludes spiritualism. In African voodoo, I regard metaphysics as a very high spiritualistic entity that only becomes a reality for those who have practised and gained experience in the field. The practice of it can include any voodoo practice covering casting spells to performing real magic.

Barack Obama now in his second term and during a government shutdown is at it again. He thinks the NFL team REDSKINS should change their name to probably REDNECKS. I guess that one is a little not too much; the whole skin is!

Am glad to conclude that I have practised African Voodoo for quite a while now and could save your day from becoming a bad one. Contact me for all your spells needs.

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