Hillary Clinton Performs an African Dance in South Africa and Malawi

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been on a string of visits around the World including Malawi and South Africa-where her visit saw heavy snow falling in all 9 Provinces in South Africa ( A happening that had not been experienced in decades).

It’s always about fostering and promoting Democracy all over the World whenever there is any high profile visit from the United States and Hillary Clinton’s is no exception. The main reason I supposed for her visit to Malawi is about Human Rights issues where being a Democrat in US Politics, she is fighting for gay rights in Malawi–A highly contested issue especially in African countries due to its conflict with the  jealously safeguarded African Cultures and Beliefs.

Gays are just as human as others and in my own opinion, it should be up to them to choose whatever lifestyles that they desire. Am pro gay because life is about being happy if you can–And it is in this light that I have been performing many spells amongst others the gay love spells. The gay spells involves casting LOVE SPELLS FOR GAYS and even LOST LOVE SPELLS FOR GAYS. I have casted GAY LOVE SPELLS through out Africa including GAY LOVE SPELLS IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Hillary Clinton also performed an African Dance in Malawi which according to my observation, was an AFRICAN VOODOO DANCE. The African voodoo dance is usually performed during AFRICAN VOODOO SPELL CASTINGS that include, LOVE SPELLS CASTING, PROTECTION SPELLS CASTING and GAY LOVE SPELLS CASTING amongst others.

Her trip continued to South Africa where I suppose was in line with fostering the US-SA already turbulent relationship. A relationship that has since diminished as South Africa builds strong trade ties with US main rival China. Her visit to South Africa saw heavy unprecedented Snow falling in most parts of the nine (9) provinces of South Africa–a sighting that’s decades away!

She, just like in Malawi performed a traditional South African dance as well which also entirely resembled the African Voodoo dance which is usually performed during healing and spell casting sessions in African culture–why she’s been performing all these Voodoo dances, the ancestors know!

African voodoo dances performed by whites usually hold a very uptight divine meaning in terms of Voodoo Healing and practices. [will write more about the meaning]

Hillary Clinton’s visit also saw another major disaster that claimed at least 44 lives including about 34 SOUTH AFRICAN PLATINUM MINE WORKERS IN RUSTENBURG. A HAPPENING that was last cited in APARTHEID ERA SOUTH AFRICA.



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