Free Moon Spell That Really Works To Increase Passion

free moon spell

Increase Passion In Your Love Life Magically

Today, I will present a free moon spell to increase passion. However, I would first like to explain the magical attributes of the moon. The moon has always been revered, as always, because of its magical aspect. This magical attribute has often been shown in some paintings and used in the preparation of calendars by the Anasazi Indians and people of the Stone Age. Even in some cultures, the Moon was linked to deities. For example, for the ancient Egyptians, the moon was all that men saw in the god Osiris; the Greeks believed that it was the goddess Selene (Artemis) crossing the sky in search of his sleeping lover.

Christians, too, Believe in Moon Symbolism

Later, Christians adopted the pagan symbolism and the Virgin was represented on a crescent and covered with a blanket of stars. Similarly, the moon is, for some people, a female symbol par excellence (conception, pregnancy, birth and child age runs) and emotional life (love, passion, etc.). For this reason, there are rituals of love requiring the lunar element or to be performed at night in order to enhance its effects. However, it is necessary to consider its phases so that the power is emanated and made more effective through powerful moon spells like the free moon spell to increase passion.

How To Cast My Free Moon Spell For Passion

It is important to perform both an external and internal cleaning (using a bath with a tablespoon of sea salt) and internal (not smoking or drinking alcohol 24 hours before the magical ceremony before casting this spell. Buy a small wooden box with a lid and garnish with heart-shaped figures. If it can be covered with red paper, it is much better. Then you should write down on paper the name of your love (a). Subsequently, you should light a red candle and, with a lit candle, write the desire to increase passion in the relationship. Once finished, you should fold the paper and close with candle wax. Then, place inside the box and put it near a window so that the full moon can bathe it with his light. That was our free moon spell to increase passion.

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