Love is an unconditional emotion. Love is what made poetry famous. Falling in love is a mysterious nature one can rarely define. You can not define its boundaries. You can not tame it or control it according to your own will. If it happens, it happens with its reasons, so complicated to understand and difficult to manage.

Its hard when you have that feeling for someone but the other doesn’t feel the same, its suits every person differently.

Definition of love

There’s no precise definition of love, there are infinite definitions and yet none of them is wrong.  It’s the best feeling of this word which most of us can not live without. It is so pure and eternal. It’s a fundamental relation that a human has with someone. It’s a feeling of warm affection and deep connection with somebody. It’s that personal connection you have with someone.

What are love spells

Love spells are those spells used to attract love. It is just an intention made stronger with rituals and beliefs. They do work. They work more powerfully if you create them for yourself rather than casting them on somebody.

Love spells are very strong. The love between two people produces strong energies which make the effect of love spells more powerful.

Simple love spell

Love is magical, it’s fine if you don’t want to waste your energy and time finding the right one or waiting for the best match.

If you want to attract the true love of you, you can do love candle spell with a pure and an open heart. Use a virgin candle. In white magic, the color can help you turn the spell the way you want it.

Pink, white and red candles can help you find love and peace.

The outcome of this spell will be that you will find love but the outcome can be more or less than you expected.

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