What is a Book of Shadows?

A Book of Shadows is a collection of spells and personal experiences of a witch. The Book of Shadows is a sacred tool for every witch and is treated as sacred as any other holy text. Most witches dedicate their Book of Shadows to the coven, tradition, Gods, and Goddesses or to the Divine. A Book of Shadows is a witch’s account of her personal experiences, passed down knowledge from one to another and other bits of personal information gathered during the course of their spiritual practice as a witch. A Book of Shadows contains spells for different purposes from voodoo spells to traditional healers and is the book that witches turn to when looking for any particular spell.

Why Must a Book of Shadows Be Kept by a Witch?

A Book of Shadows is a witch’s personal guide throughout their practice and even afterward. It contains a recount of all the situations encountered by a witch and how and which spells were used to eradicate a certain problem. It is an inventory of spells and experiences that a witch may need to refer to in case a certain situation or crisis repeats itself. The Book of Shadows should be kept by every witch so they can turn to it for help and guidance when they need it.

Why should you consult a Professional in Times of Crisis?

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