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Black Magic and Voodoo – History, Facts and Uses

Black Magic and Voodoo – History, Facts and Uses

I am very sure that you may have already known about black magic and voodoo. However, what exactly are voodoo and black magic? To begin with, we can say that the two are components of a mysterious cult whose practices are premised on animal sacrifices, invocation of spirits, voodoo doll practices, and black magic. Actually, there is more than meets the eye when we talk about the powers of voodoo and black magic the way the Hollywood actors and actresses present it to us does not portray the reality on the ground. In reality, they always want us to believe that black magic and voodoo and negative forces, and that they are evil. However, today, I shall present the things you have never known about these two genres of witchcraft.

What is voodoo and black magic?

Voodoo is a traditional religion with over 80 million subscribers worldwide. It is majorly practiced in West African countries like Benin, Togo, and Ghana. During the period of slave trade and slavery, these practices found their way into the Caribbean and Latin American countries. In Haiti, for example, the practice of black magic and voodoo was highly influenced by Christianity. In Louisiana, a territory in the United States, it also has a strong attachment to Christianity. The traditions of Christianity strongly influence the black magic and voodoo that is practiced in Louisiana and Haiti. For example, Aida Wedo is a parallel representation of the Virgin Mary, and Papa Legba, the gatekeeper of the spiritual world, is a parallel to Saint Peter, the one who was given the keys of heaven. As you can see, the link between black magic and voodoo is very strong. It was because of this that Pope John Paul II took part in a voodoo ceremony in 1993. This was very important for the solidification of the relationship between the two religions.

Practitioners of black magic are spiritually powerful people

As a matter of fact, they are spiritually endowed beings who possess the power to command the spirits to do certain things for them. In other words, black magic and voodoo practitioners are servants of the spirits. They offer sacrifices to them before asking for spiritual power in return. People who do voodoo and black magic spells require a lot of preparatory time before they can finally start invoking the spirits. Black magic and voodoo are one and the same. Whether you use them for good or for evil, they appeal to the same spiritual forces at the point of execution. One of the reasons why people use the power of voodoo and black magic is to attain healing through spiritual means. So, if you are currently afflicted by spiritual problems, love problems, economic or workplace problems, you have to get in touch with someone who knows the ins and outs of black magic and voodoo. However, the symbology used in voodoo and black magic shouldn’t scare you. One of the symbols that give people goosebumps is the symbol of the snake. Many people associate it with evil, yet that is not really the case. In voodoo, the snake is a symbol that represents Dambala, the serpent God who created the universe and everything that is in it.

Black magic spells to punish enemies

In magic, there are many spiritual works that a person can use to cause misfortune in the life of another person. In this case, a person will cast a black magic spell with the intention of invoking bad luck into the life of another person. When this spell starts working, it will make the person it targets unable to sleep at night. Many times, these spells can also cause illness and death. Usually black magic and voodoo spell to cause death are performed on a Saturday night. The spell caster goes to a place where they bury the dead, and spends three days there in a black candle while drawing Baron Samedi’s symbol on any of the tombs there. He will then sacrifice a black hen, and sprinkle its blood on a grave. In doing so, the person will be able to summon Baron Samedi, the god of death, by offering an additional sacrifice of rum and tobacco. At the end of the spell, the practitioner will scoop some soil from this tomb and sprinkle it on the path that leads to the house of the person whose death he would like to cause.

Effective spells cast using voodoo dolls

One of the most popular articles that are used in the performance of voodoo spells is the voodoo doll. In reality, you can never talk about black magic and voodoo without mentioning the voodoo doll. Over the years, the popularity of this article has been promoted by Hollywood movies. A voodoo doll is closely associated with the religion of voodoo. One thing that many people do not know is that this voodoo doll has been in use since the ancient days. It can be used in many situations. For example, you can use it to cause someone to love you intensely. Secondly, voodoo dolls are also known as powerful conduits for the transference of healing energies. In black magic and voodoo spell casting, a spell caster can use the voodoo doll for both positive and negative actions.
When performing a voodoo spell, the spell caster is supposed to make a doll that resembles the person it represents. In addition, if the doll is to work well, it should be made with articles that belong to the person it represents. Many practitioners of black magic and voodoo spell using a doll usually apply a piece of cloth belonging to the person, his or her nail clippings, hair or underwear belonging to the person. For better results, a practitioner can use the photo of the person and paste it on the head of the doll. After a spell caster has successfully connected the person the doll; represents with the figuring in question, anything he does on the doll will be felt by the other person. Voodoo doll spells are very effective, especially when you would like to influence the behavior of another person who is in a different world – possibly hundreds of miles away.

Voodoo deities and how to invoke them

For those who have ever experienced voodoo, you will discover that voodoo is not practiced in big or well-decorated temples. The sites for their performances are usually made of rudimentary structures which are partitioned into two: the first room has an altar and the second is where the rituals are performed. Each voodoo temple is run by a voodoo priest. In technical language, a voodoo priest is known as a “Houngan,” if he is male and a “Mambo” if she is female. All the priests are people who are dedicated to their work. Before they are engaged in the service of the voodoo gods, these priests usually go through a difficult period of apprenticeship. In black magic and voodoo, the voodoo pantheon is called they are divided into two – the first one being “Loa Mare” which is made up of prominent deities; and “Loa Mica” which comprises of the less important gods and spirits. Below are the most important gods in the voodoo deity:


Papa Legba

In black magic and voodoo tradition, Papa Legba is known as the god of the crossroads. He also guards the gates of the spiritual realm. In addition, his other attributes are those of a fighter and singer. Usually, he is pictured as an old walking on crutches, or as a child. These two forms represent how unpredictable he can be. He is said to be both wise and rebellious. In some black magic and voodoo legends, he is presented as a thief because he is said to have stolen the secrets of the deities and handed them over to living beings. Usually, before a voodoo priest or priestess performs a voodoo ritual, he or she will first invoke Papa Legba because it is through him that one can obtain access into the realms of the spirits. Actually, it is easy to contact other gods when he is first consulted. Papa Legba’s importance in black magic and voodoo spell casting shouldn’t be underrated. He even has powers to resurrect the dead, with the possibility that he can grant them access into the living world once he has approved of it.



One of the other goddesses with great power in black magic and voodoo is goddess Oshun. She is the goddess of creative power and love in the voodoo tradition. The other blessings that she is said to be able to bring into the life of a man are passion, abundance, and sensuality. She heals the sick and shares the passions and lusts of life. Through her generosity, she has been known to feed the hungry. She blesses all with abundance and wants them to enjoy the beauty of nature. On the other hand, she is also the mother of witches and derives her respect from the fact that she paints herself with the blood of her enemies.


Baron Samedi

As I have already noted, Baron Samedi is the god of death and the protector of burial grounds. He is popularly known for his debauchery, obscenity, and annoyance. This goddess of death loves tobacco and rum, which is why they offer the two articles during the times of performing a sacrifice to him. In addition, he also loves black chickens and black candles. In the black magic and voodoo tradition, Baron Samedi is worshipped as the god of death but also revered as the giver of life. He can heal any disease or wound if he thinks it is worth it. Usually, when spell casters perform black magic and voodoo curses, they invoke him in the spell casting process.


Aida Wedo

Aida-Wedo is the goddess of the rainbow, snakes, and water. She is represented by the python and the rainbow. Her shiny scales reflect a multitude of colors when light strikes on her body. In Africa, as well as America, and Australia; she is a symbol of integration. Aida Wedo also links the heavens and the earth. She is a symbol of power, continuity, integrity, and integration. When performing black magic and voodoo rituals, spell casters often offer foods such as eggs, rice, and milk to her.



Damballa is the creator of the universe. He is considered one of the most important because he is said to have created life, the universe, the stars, and the planets. His wife is Aida Wedo.



According to the black magic and voodoo traditions, Agwe is the lord of the seas and the god of water. He is handsome, proud, loves order, and takes care of his looks. He also protects plants and animals, as well as is responsible for creating harmony in nature. Fishermen who live on the sea revere him and offer sacrifices to him so that he can calm the waters for them. When this god does things in your favor, you will never drown in the waters. Water will not harm you in any way.



Loco is another of those primordial gods whom black magic and voodoo practitioners worship. In the pantheon, his role is to protect healers and plants. Legend has it that he was the first priest to be transfigured from mortality to immortality. As such, he intermediates between the gods and man. During the performance of voodoo ceremonies, Loco often appears. His insignia is the gnarled stick he wears. Sometimes, he comes while smoking his pipe.

Black magic and voodoo can change your life

Since the ancient days, human beings have often used black magic and voodoo to reign over the problems and situations that make them unhappy. Although these energies can work on all situations, the area upon which people apply the magical interventions is in love. If you would like to find out how you can improve your life and relationship using my black magic and voodoo spell, feel free to contact me now.

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