Bafana Bafana got muthi from a fake sangoma for AFCON.

BAFANA BAFANA got muthi from a fake Sangoma again?!

Oh gosh!–This is what some young man was screaming outside my office after Bafana Bafana had a goalless draw with cape Verde at the AFCON opening match on Saturday 19 January 2013 at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto in Johannesburg.

In the first place, not so many people had confidence in the Bafana Bafana Team as it’s been for a while already in South African soccersphere. One man at South Africa’s best open web chat, URBANCHAT said the same that Bafana got the soccer muthi from a fake Sangoma! I have been questioning myself how so many people come to talk about this so often and the way they discuss it seem as though they a really well versed with the story.

I as Prince Sajjib does not yet know anything about this but if it’s true then, it will need to be cleansed before these boys can continue so far with this AFCON competition. Muthi for winning works fine if applied properly with the correct spells and in most cases it cost a bunch of cash and that may be the reason why someone may have decided to get a fong kong version of it. Right now however, there are only yet speculations and no one can really point out what exactly is the truth here.

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