What is the Meaning of Oppan Gangnam Style?

OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE” by PSY is one viral music (video) that’s taken everyone by storm. So many do not even understand the South Korean Language but still are in love with Gangnam style–There’s a reason why and I’ll let it out soon.

So why do we love gangnam style so much? We all love the good things in life–the material things! The extravagant life is what most people want to live–live without limitations in finances and that’s one aspect that Gangnam style is portraying. Gangnam is a rich South Korean Neighbourhood that could be compared to Silicon valley, Upper East Manhattan neighbourhoods, Miami and Beverly Hills all combined and in the video PSY tries to satirically display it.

The rich South Korean neighbourhoods live the extra life and that’s what they call the Gangnam life and PSY lived his share in his video Oppan Gangnam Style.

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