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Using Voodoo Dolls in Voodoo Magic

The use of voodoo dolls in casting effective spells has been around for quite a time now. The voodoo magic and voodoo dolls have been used for thousands of years. For many, the purpose of the voodoo doll was to hurt and wound an enemy. Recently, in modern times, the use of Voodoo dolls has expanded to harm the enemy, to cast a love spell and to make someone attracted or glued by your side. You want to know the best voodoo magic spells that will change your life forever? The spell attracts love, money, protection, health and prosperity! This powerful spell creates only good things for your benefit! The voodoo magic can be added to all spells of love to give additional power and can even be used as single agent energy too. Here I will show and tell how to work with a voodoo doll for love affairs.

To use a voodoo doll effectively, you can do the following:
♦ Make your own voodoo doll. Making your own doll is an easy task. It ensures that you add extra energy in making your own voodoo doll. The dolls can be made of red flannel material, passion red wax, pink wax for love or even clay. The main point here is to be creative, whether you choose to sew your doll in a red flannel material or covers and use wax castings to make that doll.

♦ Clear your intention and keep it in your head while you do your doll. The target of the spell must be clear, you can even write your goal on paper and try to sum it up in one sentence and then leave the paper in front of you while you do your doll. You can also recite the goal in the head while making the doll. The goal should be simple, easy and clear, as “Peter, love me.”However, if you feel you can’t make a voodoo doll on your own, contact me now so that I can make for you one or cast a voodoo doll spell for you.

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