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Urine Binding Spell to Bind the Love of a Man

Urine Love Binding Spell to Bind the Love of a Man

The urine love binding spell is one of the most powerful and effective spells in the world of esotericism. For many years, women have used this love binding spell to attract, separate, and recover loved ones. When cast correctly, it will make it possible for you to be able to draw your lover closer, and ensure that they are by your side all the time. Many people, at their first encounter with this subject, find this urine jar love spell a put-off. However, I would like to assure you that what you are dealing with here is the most effective of all ingredients. So, lay aside your prejudices and use the best magic love spell to make your man love you forever.

In order to realize the best results, you can complement this urine binding spell with other spells

Love spell casting is a very intricate subject. As such, it takes a combination of many ingredients in order to make a particular spell effective. For instance, when casting this urine binding spell, I usually incorporate cinnamon, salt, and sugar as well. Many times, photographs and other elements that are closer to the person you want are also very essential. In essence, the urine binding spell serves one purpose: to help you attract your man and make him to feel that he cannot live his life without you. So, if this is what you have been yearning to achieve, then I would like to recommend it for you.

Elements needed in the casting of this spell

Before you unleash the powers of this urine binding spell, you will need the following elements: your lover’s photo, your urine, and a class container. The procedure of casting the spell is the simplest. Get the photo of your man and insert it into the glass container. Once you have done so, pour your urine into the container until the photo is drowned completely. Leave it out in the moonlight, during a full moon night. Early in the morning, before discarding the contents of the glass container, recite the following lines:


If your relationship is no longer what it was in the past, a powerful urine binding spell can reinstate it. Do you want to sweeten your love life? Do you want to make your man love you the same way you do to him? Has he been showing some reluctance and you would like him to take a step? If so, then this urine binding spell is what you need. Try it on your own at home. For queries, contact me so that I can clarify them.

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