…is the condition that the GOP (GRAND OLD PARTY) or REPUBLICAN PARTY STANDARD BEARER MITT ROMNEY is claimed to be suffering from as diagnosed by the Democratic Presidential candidate and President Barack Hussein Obama. He at the AL SMITH dinner in New York City joked about his middle name (Hussein) saying, “I wish I could use my middle name” raising applause from the high society gathering at the event.

The birth of ROMNESIA was at Fairfax, Virginia when President Obama was campaigning to some 9000 people where he joked about the disease that Romney could be suffering from. He also prescribed that OBAMACARE could remedy the condition. Romnesia could be a perfect condition that Mitt romney may be suffering gauging from the way he’s been shifting his positions on the policies that he’d been running on for the past 6 years. he’s shifted positions too much to an extent that you can not even figure out what policies exactly he’s running on! And whether this is brought about by the now highly acclaimed form of Amnesia called Romnesia or just a desperate attempt to just get elected, Mitt Romney’s lost it. The main reasons for this might actually be that the American people are adapting a new lifestyle yet the Republican party still prescribes policies for the more far conservatives and that just won’t work–and so? Yes, so Mitt Romney has to switch to moderate versions of the Republican Party philosophy in order to appeal to the American people.

Amnesia is a condition that leads to severe loss of memory and it takes quite a recovery period in order for one to come out of it and I guess it’s other version, Romnesia is a little moderate and it’s also progressive as observed in Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate. It also adapts to feedback from the American people.

In African voodoo, Romnesia is a genuine form of amnesia and can be remedied through the use of spells.

The specific spells for Amnesia is called the Amnesia spells if am to translate to its English language equivalent. Using African voodoo, I have cured at least 5 cases of severe forgetting and dumbness (Not able to talk). I have practiced for over 10 years now and has cured so many conditions that included infertility and so forth. I have casted numerous spells all over the World including in Houston Texas.

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