There are situations where you see that love spell would have been helpful. I wonder if someone can give me the correct explanation of what love is. There was this guy who saw the girl he loved with everything he’s got. He didn’t come for the spells and luckily enough he got the girl. You will find the reason why he had to take the spell as I go on with the story telling.

This precious girl didn’t have a boyfriend at that time. She desperately wanted someone to be in a relationship with. But unfortunately this guy was not the one. She didn’t truly love her but she pretended so that she can have someone by his side. This continued and the man realized that this girl does not have real love for him. He began thinking the real course of all this issue.

The first thing that came to his mind was money. He thought he should give her more money to satisfy her needs. That was the worst decision ever. With this money the girl started to become a much serious problem. He went out anytime she wanted and guess what this guy told the girl. He said if this makes you happy then I’m happy too. We know it may sound weird for a man to love a woman like this but this is true.

During one of her nightclubs she saw the man she loved truly. This man was feeling the same with this girl. But what was the problem really? The problem was that the man knew that this particular girl had a boyfriend so he didn’t want trouble. Oh what a coward. They ended up being friends but they both knew the truth about them. The girl was glued in this unhappy relationship just because she didn’t find the perfect one.

I will stop there and tell you the reason why this story is closely related with the important of spells. Firstly if this guy used the spell at the beginning he would have made this girl to truly love him. He made a wrong decision by giving this girl money instead of looking for FREE LOVE SPELLS. And again the girl should have used the SPELL TO DIVORCE YOUR LOVER OR BREK UP WITH YOUR LOVER. This would have given her real happiness with the man he loved.

Thirdly this other guy should have used the spell too. Now he saw his true lover but he lost her too. If he were to use THE SPELL TO BREAK THOSE UP he would be in a happy relationship with the person he loves. These are the hardships of not using the spells.


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