Islamic Love Spell That Work For Love Life Issues

Powerful Islamic Love Spell

According to Ibn Al Athir At-Tiwala, there is a kind of sihr that brings the man to love his wife. Why the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was designated as a kind of Shirk, is because the person who wants this spell, believes that it has the opposite effect than what Allah has prescribed (swt). . 2

The Ruqa or Ruqia that is mentioned in the Hadith origin, refers to the person who requested the assistance of the Jinn and shayateen and its method involves types of Shirk. Anyway, the Quran and supplications to Ruqia is allowed to Allah and correctly according to the opinion of the scholars. It is in Sahih Muslim from the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) narrated that he said: “There is no harm in treating with Ruqia, unless it includes shirk.

What Islamic Love Spell Can Do For You

• Exaggerated love and devotion
• An extreme desire for sexual intercourse
• Extreme pleasure at the sight of a strange woman
• Blind obedience to a foreign woman

Islamic Love Spells To Protect Your Marriage

A woman who fears that her husband wants to marry another woman can use this spell to avert such a possibility. Of course, this is legitimate under the Sharia, but especially in our times. This spell will make your man more committed and more loving to you. It will never make him think of marrying another woman. He will always be by your side, make you happy and supply all your needs. This spell will help you settle disputes in your marriage so that your husband doesn’t think of bringing another wife. It is a spell that will make your husband love more. It will make your husband prefer having sex with only you every time. This spell can also be cast as Islamic love spell, Islamic black magic spells or Islamic love spell for marriage. Use the form below to get in touch with me.

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