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Candle Magic Spells: Powerful Candle Witchcraft for Love and Money

Candle Magic Spells: Powerful Candle Witchcraft for Love and Money

I am quite sure that each of us has performed a candle ritual at least once in our life. he examples of these ritualistic situations include burning candles while celebrating a birthday party, burning candles while making a wish, and blowing out these candles. As a matter of fact, the casting of candle magic spells has become a tradition over the centuries. The small ritual contains all the rules important in candle magic spells – formulating wishes, concentration, and letting go of wishes.

The history of candle magic spells

Candles, the main ingredients used in candle magic spells, were first made from fat, fish, and animal fats. In the Middle Ages, beeswax candles appeared, but due to the lack of raw materials, they were expensive, and only aristocrats, wealthy people, and church fathers could afford these light carriers. At the end of the 18th century, spermaceti, a waxy substance, was obtained from the sperm whale’s head, and the candles made from it, unlike those made from the fat of other animals, were of much higher quality – they did not drip, smoke, or emit an unpleasant smell. Spermaceti candles burned with a steady flame and were cheaper than wax candles. In the 19th century, the French chemist Michel Chevrolet invented stearin candles, but at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, scientists learned to extract wax from petroleum and obtained paraffin. By combining stearin with paraffin, high-quality raw material for the production of candles was obtained.

The magic of candles is as old as the use of natural lamps to illuminate rooms.

Candles are used in candle magic spells, candle rituals, and candle healing spells performed by psychics, healers, shamans, scientists, spell casters, and representatives of various religious denominations. Magicians believe that the candle is the axis of the universe. Thus, it can be used to connect the earth and the sky. It is a symbol of unity that fills life with meaning. The candle radiates the power of the spirit, which brings positive energy, and helps to get rid of negative energy, fatigue, and tension. It is believed that the candle is a universal system that combines all the elements: the flame symbolizes fire, melting wax – water, smoke – air, wax – earth. The candle enhances its magical effect during the ritual. The casting of candle magic spells is one of the most accessible and simple magician’s tools for attracting luck, and love, improving health, removing envy, and cleansing spaces.

By learning simple techniques of casing candle magic spells, you can improve your material stability, attract a loved one, help find a job, strengthen life forces, eliminate injustice, and increase sexual energy.

Before the ritual, it is desirable to create a small altar on which a candle is placed. It can be a small wooden wish box, on which you can engrave signs, or symbols that enhance the effect of the candle magic spells. During the ritual, it is desirable to focus on the goal that a person wants to achieve with it. You have to follow the flame of the candle through which the energy flow is moving. An even flame indicates that the ritual is going well, and the wish has been formulated correctly. If the flame twitches periodically, it means that inaccuracies have been made in the course of the ritual – the desire should be expressed in other words, another day should be chosen for the ritual, or the universe is giving a sign that a person can do without that particular candle magic spells. It is a bad sign if the wick of the candle does not light up immediately – in this case, it is advisable to stop the ritual, because it can harm someone.

The result will be stronger if candles made of beeswax are used in candle magic.

When they burn, they harmonize the space and clean the home and its residents from negative plaque. The wax candle contains active substances – propolis, natural resins, and essential oils, which aromatize the room, ridding it of microbes, and releasing negatively charged ions into the environment. Church candles are often used in candle magic spells and rituals too. However, they must not be used for evil purposes. If the spell caster’s intention is to harm others, he risks his own health and well-being. Rituals also use special candles on which power signs, symbols, runes, and zodiac signs are engraved. In candle magic, special attention should be paid to the color of the candle, because it affects the chakras – the psych energetic centers of the human bio-field, through which energy is exchanged between the inner and outer worlds of the person, the universe. In addition, color affects the course of events and helps to organize different areas of life. Before the performance of the candle magic spells, it is desirable to choose a combination of colors that corresponds to the goal that a person wants to achieve. Another important condition – handmade candles are imbued with the energy of the creator, so if you have the opportunity to create a magical artifact yourself, you should definitely do it. A person puts a very powerful energy charge into it.

Color codes for candle rituals

1. White candles: white is a universal color that can be used for all purposes in candle magic spells. White is a symbol of wisdom, purity, and innocence. In candle magic, it is used to purify oneself, get rid of doubts, strengthen health, and heal both the physical body and the soul. White color gives energy and cheerfulness. It is the color of protection, spirituality, and purity. By burning a white candle, you can learn the truth. A white candle is preferable for women who want to receive an engagement ring from their lover.

2. Black candles: Black color is intuitively perceived as a sign of evil. In esotericism, it is a symbol of revenge and punishment. Sorcerers use it to punish the offender, with its help they summon the souls of the dead. Black-colored candles are used in black magic, but with their help, you can also get rid of a curse, or remove a charm. The black candle is an excellent helper in the fight against obstacles, it gets rid of negative energy, and accelerates recovery from illness. It should not be used in rituals of which one is not sure of the result. Magicians recommend burning a black candle in moments of reflection when difficult issues need to be resolved, a person wants to achieve justice. The black color makes the meditation process deeper. The black candle is burned in candle magic spells aimed at getting rid of harmful habits, such as gambling addiction because this color attracts and absorbs disease and negative energy.

3. The red candle: Red is the color of passion and love. In candle magic spells, using red attributes, love bonds are formed and strengthened, it helps to light a spark of passion in a faded relationship. Red color helps not only to create new relationships, but also to return lost feelings, and promotes libido. In love magic, it is recommended to burn two red candles, as they symbolize a couple. The red color in esotericism is victory over evil, it symbolizes life forces, and health helps to fulfill desires, and achieve goals. It is preferable to burn a red candle before making important decisions, it helps to achieve success in business, attracts luck, and improves the financial situation. Gazing into the flame of a red candle reduces fatigue and restores work vigor. Performers or candle magic spells recommend burning red candles when everything falls out of hand in the field, there is a feeling that the house is haunted; a person is disturbed by external circumstances. The flame of the red candle frees the home from evil forces.

4. The orange candle: Orange color symbolizes sunlight, joy, luck, and success. It helps to become more enterprising, gain confidence in one’s abilities and gives hope and strength to start dizzying projects. This color strengthens friendships and helps to find business partners, as well as replenishes the reserves of energy lost at work, strengthening health. This color attracts positive energy, gives charm, and helps to adapt to changes. It is advisable to burn an orange candle before the upcoming trip, it is recommended to look into its flame for women who want to get rid of excess weight and change their image.

5. Yellow candles:
Yellow color symbolizes courage, selflessness, confidence, and intelligence. It strengthens mental abilities and develops creative potential. It is preferable to perform a ritual with a yellow candle for students, because, after it, it will be easier to learn difficult study material and pass exams. It is preferable to burn the yellow candle before a public speech, an important meeting, a job interview, or going on a long journey. Athletes, looking into the flame of a yellow candle, can ask for strength and luck before an important competition. Yellow is a source of joy and optimism, so it is preferable to light it when guests are at home. In candle magic spells, this color is used to improve relations between spouses, as the bright tone creates harmony, mutual understanding, and respect. The yellow candle provides the family with financial well-being, comfort, and a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

6. The green candle:
promotes cash flow, promises success in business, helps to find a good job, and climb the career ladder. Candle magic spells cast using the green candle help to get rid of the disease, get eternal youth. A green candle with a yellow tint should be burned to get rid of anger, evil, envy, fear, jealousy, and greed. Green color promotes fertility, it helps to farm the backyard land, raise livestock and cultivate the land. The candle flame gives inspiration and creative ideas. An emerald-colored candle symbolizes love, achievements, and bright emotions, so it is desirable to light it when it seems that the daily routine has stolen the spark of joy and emotions from your relationship.

7. Light blue candles: These ones can be used in the ritual to improve family relationships, and gain happiness, peace, and harmony. It is the color of confidence, peace, and comfort. The candle flame stimulates spiritual growth, develops extrasensory abilities, and helps make a person see the future. A light blue candle is preferable to burn for those who lack patience, and inspiration, and those who want to get rid of mental torment. Candles of these colors are burned in spiritual sessions. A woman can light a light blue candle and, looking into its flame, think about her beloved, thus promoting closer intimacy and affection. A turquoise candle helps to cleanse the soul and encourages good changes. In order to stop an unfavorable development of an event, cleanse oneself of intrusive, negative thoughts, and emotions, to assess the situation sensibly, it is advisable to light a blue candle. This color protects against evil forces and gives hope for recovery from illness. A blue candle awakens mercy and helps to get rid of guilt. It is preferable to burn it during spiritual practice, and meditation. The flame of a blue candle attracts a nymph’s ethical dreams and helps to find answers to difficult questions.

8. The purple candle:
In candle magic spells, one of the most powerful is the purple candle. It helps to develop creative and extrasensory abilities. This color gives strength to overcome difficulties and promotes the development of favorable events. In magic, this tone helps to contact the beings of the parallel world, to predict the future. A Violet candle helps to discover talents, expand consciousness, and make a decision. It also protects against magical attacks and cleanses a person of negative energy. The purple color is no less strong. It strengthens magical abilities and accelerates the result of a magical ritual. A purple candle is burned in spiritual candle magic spells, and when foretelling the future. It frees from the power of spells, and diseases.

9. The brown candle: Burning a brown candle in candle magic spells solves housing problems. It is preferable to burn it when a person wants to sort out real estate issues. Looking into the flame of a candle, you can pray for pets – the ritual will bring a stray cat or dog back home, and will help improve the pet’s health. Brown color helps to gain confidence, prevents danger, and creates a balance between the inner and outer world. It should be burned before the court hearing, the brown shade helps to find a lost object.

10. Pink candles:
Pink is a symbol of happiness, love, friendship, and tenderness. It is the color of romance and sensuality. Performing a magical ritual with a pink candle strengthens the bonds of marriage. It can be burned before a date, as this little magic trick will help create spiritual intimacy between a man and a woman. In pink candle magic spells, it is desirable to look after an argument, because it helps to reconcile disputants and to find a compromise. The magical effect of the pink candle ritual is enhanced by the wax product with rose essential oil.
11. Grey candles: Gray is a neutral color suitable for people who want to organize their thoughts and understand their feelings. A gray candle is burned during a relaxing meditative practice, it is especially desirable to light it after a hard day’s work.

12. Silver candles: the silver color, when used in candle magic spells, enhances the power of the Moon. It helps to gain stability and improves relations with the surrounding people. Candle energy gets rid of negative plaque, improves well-being, and increases vitality. Practitioners of magic also advise women to use a golden candle in rituals. It helps to get happiness, and wealth gives determination and tune to success and victory.

More about candle colour magic

Candle magic is a creative process; combinations of two or more colors of candles can be used in candle magic spells according to the senses. For example, an orange and green candle can be used to ensure material stability. The first promise good luck, and the second – is to ensure cash flow. Magicians also use candles of two or even three colors in esoteric sessions: the black-and-white candle is burned to get rid of evil forces and improve the mood, while the power of the red-white-green candle helps to develop business and build a career. A candle in the form of a human figure can be lit for a love ritual. For this, magicians recommend using a light blue (happiness), white (trust), red (love), and pink (understanding) candle.


Candle magic is one of the simplest directions of practical esotericism. It does not require special abilities or sacred knowledge. Candle magic is harmless, it cannot harm a person’s karma, but in order for the ritual to give the desired result, you must ensure that you do your candle magic spells from a professional magic spell caster. If you have more questions on how these spells work, please feel free to contact me now.

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