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Lost Love Spells – A Simple effective Candle Spell

Lost Love Spells – A Simple effective Candle Spell

When you choose to cast candle lost love spells, you project your wishes to the universe, telling Her that indeed you want your lover to come back. But, one thing that you have to know is that candle magic is white magic, meaning it should never be used to interfere with the free wills of others, no matter how much you miss their quirks. Candle lost love spells are very ancient in nature and are also considered the most powerful white magic spells on earth. There are two categories of candle magic: simple and complicated – depending on the nature of the lost love problem itself. In casting the spell, a spell caster may decide to perform an elaborate ritual or use a simple one to win back the love of the person who has gone astray.

How to choose a candle for your lost love spells

The first thing that you have to consider when choosing candle for your lost love spells is the colour of the candle. The colour of the candle determines whether the outcome of the spell will be effective or not. Most lost love spells are cast using pink or red candles. These candles represent the emotions of love and passion. If you would specifically wish to rekindle love or passion, then the most recommended candle colour that you ought to use is the red candle because it carries in it the passionate strength required to rekindle the love of your partner.

After choosing your candle, load it with love

After choosing the most appropriate candle for your spell works, you’ve got to charge it with the energy of love, depending on your need. In candle magic, this is usually called “dressing the candle”. This is a preparatory ritual that is designed to help you focus your energies and intentions. It permeates the candle you have chosen with the energies that allow your candle lost love spells to manifest. Thereafter, you will have to dress the candle with virgin olive oil before starting to cast your candle lost love spells.

Later, carve the your candle with the name of your lover

In carving the candle to be used in your candle lost love spells, write the name of the person you would like to attract back on the candle. As you do so, think of the person. Try as much as possible to ensure that your thoughts dwell on the positive and loving memories that the two of you once enjoyed at the time when the relationship was still brimming with love. Write his or her name from the upper part of the candle and stop in the middle of the candle. Then, carve engrave your name on the same side as well starting from the bottom of the candle. Ensure that there is a space between your name and that of your lover. Once you have done all these steps, your candle lost love spells is now ready to be cast. Follow the instructions of the spell to the letter and wait for the results to manifest. If you have queries regarding the ingredients and the steps to be followed in the casting of this lost love spells.

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