Muthi and Love Spells


Powerfully Scary spells, spells for enemies at work and black magic spells for keeping enemies out of your way. My enemy scaring spells work to give enemies nightmares and very frightening experiences. It is a powerful magic revenge spell that will terrify the person it is placed upon and cause them lack of sleep. Interrupting someone’s sleep has damaging effects and can cause many problems health-wise.

If a person has been plotting against your life, he or she will see you carrying a harmful weapon in nightmares. They will always envisage you pursuing them as though you intend to harm them too. This will make the person scared and withdraw his or her plots against your life. However, you should know that this spell is not designed to kill or harm the target of the spell. If you so wish to take the life of the person, you can consult me for a different spell.


  • Lindiwe Nkosi

    i want a muthi to make my ex boyfriend to be mentally sick

  • Sublethalrose

    I need to know what spell I can do to protect myself or harm the people that are slandering me. Subordination write up for calling out. Please help.


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